Menu & Hours


                                             SUNDAY 12pm – 3pm


split pea soup with smoked ham cup/bowl 4./6.

vegetarian soup of the day cup/bowl 4./6.

potato pancakes with apple sauce & sour cream 6.

potato pancakes with with house cured salmon*, horseradish sauce, capers, cornichons 11.

zwiebelkuchen: onion and gruyere tart with arugula 7.

smoked trout salad with pickled beets, potatoes & arugula 10.


smoked kielbasa with german potato salad & sauerkraut 16.

schweineschnitzel: thinly pounded pork loin, breaded and fried, served with a choice of german potato salad or potato gratin 18.

rheinischer sauerbraten: marinated beef roast served with braised red cabbage and servietten-dumplings 22.

fish gulasch with vegetables, tomato, paprika and potatoes 16.

schwäbische spätzle with caramelized onions, emmenthaler cheese & cucumber salad with dill 15.


german potato salad with bacon, cornichons, & red onions 4.

cucumber salad with dill & vinaigrette 4.

house salad 4.

sauerkraut 4.

roasted vegetables 4.

17 thoughts on “Menu & Hours

  1. Would I be able to bring some homebrew to wash down what appears to be some delicious food, or does it have to be a commercially sold brew ?

  2. Today I enjoyed the sauteed spätzle. It was fantastic! Kind service and great german food. Just what portland was missing!

  3. AWESOME!! We had reservations for a group of ten last Saturday evening and were treated to a night of delicious German cuisine and genuine hospitality! Many of the folks in our “Dining Club” have never had German style meals and everybody found out exactly what they’d been missing! The flavors and quality were superb! We all look forward to our next visit with you!! Vielen Dank!!

  4. zwiebelkuchen: caramelized onion & gruyere tart – Heaven on a plate!!
    The whole meal was great but the tart stole my heart! Thank you

    • Yes, we do! Our soups, sausage plates, egg dishes (without toast), and most of our sides are gluten free. You can always ask your server if you have questions regarding gluten content in any of our dishes.

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